The ancient Celts believed that plants, animals and even inanimate objects possessed a spiritual essence. But they also recognised that they had to utilise nature to survive. They could only have done this by getting to know the natural environment intimately and building a respectful relationship with it, so they could live in harmony with it.

With this is mind, we would like to encourage all visitors to our ancient lands to show respect for this natural environment by taking our Celtic Pledge. This pledge is based on the 7 principles of ‘Leave No Trace’, minimum-impact practices for enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

This is something you can help us with by displaying the Pledge in a prominent area of your business. If you can commit to the pledge yourself as the partnership counties will be, by assisting visitors to meet the terms of the pledge, so much the better. That way everyone wins – especially our beautiful lands and seasons.


I will seek out adventure, And be prepared for all weathers and eventualities.

I will use public transport where I can, And be considerate to others when I travel under my own steam.

I will explore nature, And keep at a respectful distance to protect it.

I will cherish the past, And not take what is not mine.

I will conserve the present, And not leave anything for others to clean up.

I will follow in the footsteps of the ancient Celts, Leaving no trace of my own.

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