They say travel broadens the mind. But some journeys do much more. They let you see the world through different eyes. To see a living connection with nature. To see history and legend come together in spiritual places. To see balance and harmony in our busy world. 

These journeys are Celtic Routes.

For the ancients, every mountain, river, tree and stone was imbued with a natural spirit. They lived in harmony with these spirits and created a way of life that goes with the natural grain. 

This way of life lives on in West Wales and Ireland’s Ancient East.

Follow Celtic Routes and you’ll take roads less travelled to lands that still follow the pulse of the changing seasons. You’ll discover ancient crosses, castaway chapels and sacred stones. You’ll hear the rhythms of the natural world in the lilt of our voices as we tell tall tales of saints and sinners. You’ll explore untamed landscapes that inspire everyday adventures. You’ll find colourful villages where people have time for you and for each other. 

Each of the Celtic Routes takes you closer to the coast and countryside, the people and the places, that shaped a rich culture still shared by two countries. A culture that has always valued a warm welcome for travellers and a fond farewell for new-found friends.


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Celtic Discoveries