Wales Pembrokeshire

St David's Cathedral

The westernmost peninsula of Pembrokeshire is dominated by the city and cathedral of St Davids.  Resting place of Saint David, or ‘Dewi Sant’ in Welsh, patron saint of Wales, the cathedral has stood as a place of holiness and pilgrimage for over 800 years. In medieval times, it was said that two pilgrimages to St Davids were equal to one to Rome.

The present cathedral is built on the site of the 6th-century monastery Saint David founded to teach missionaries to spread Christianity. It’s believed one of those missionaries was St Patrick. o onaries to spread .urrent cathedral in 1181.onastery ich he stood rose up to form a hill. As Saint David’s reputation spread, his monastery grew and a community developed. Unfortunately it also drew the attention of the Vikings, who plundered it many times over the next few centuries. The Normans eventually took over the monastery and began building the current cathedral in 1181.

Having survived the collapse of its tower, an earthquake and the Reformation, the cathedral continues to enthral and inspire its visitors, even after 800 years.