Wales Carmarthenshire

Pendine Sands

This 11km-long stretch of beach is celebrated for its history of land speed records. Malcolm Campbell set the world land speed record here in Blue Bird in 1924 and again in Blue Bird II in 1927. His grandson, Don Wales’, set the electric land speed course record in 2000. And in May 2019, a Porsche 911 set a new course record of 338.50km/h. The areas you can drive on are limited now, but if you’re a petrolhead, Pendine Sands will hold a special place in your heart.

Thrill-seekers will find plenty of other adventures here that’ll raise pulses. Land yachting offers the exhilaration of travelling at speeds of over 50km/h just inches above the sand. Or you can take to the water on a sea kayak or stand-up paddle board. And if you like your horsepower more literal, feel the wind in your hair on an invigorating horse ride along the surf line.