Ireland Waterford


Coumshingaun is one of the finest examples of a corrie (or ‘coum’, in Irish) in Europe, and the Comeragh Mountains’ most recognisable landmark. For those who’ve forgotten their school Geography lessons, a corrie is an armchair-shaped hollow found in the side of a mountain, where a glacier formed.

The Coumshingaun Loop Walk is a moderate 7.5km route around the ridge and plateau of this natural amphitheatre, from which you’ll get stunning views of the dark lough 365m below. When it’s clear, you can see as far as the River Suir Bridge in Waterford City and Hook Head in County Wexford.

The 18th-century highwayman William Crotty had a strong connection with the area, hiding out from the law in caves here. It didn’t end well, though. He was eventually captured, tried and hung, his head spiked outside the county jail as a warning. If you have time, you can seek his treasure at the lough and cave named after him.