Melanie Hancill



Melanie Hancill

1. Day #1
Day 1, Sunday 12th


Drive from home to Ceredigion

Overnight @
The Falcondale Hotel (bed and breakfast provided)

Address: Falcondale Dr, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7RX

Check-in: 15:00

Check-out: 11:00


Visit New Quay for an evening meal and dolphin spotting

Address and parking: follow [SA45 9NR] to get you to the harbour carpark – pay and display parking, this car park does have a card machine if you don’t have change


Info: Cardigan Bay is famous for its bottlenose dolphins, with a population of around 250. They’re drawn here by the abundant feeding grounds, the undisturbed habitat and the clean waters.

It’s possible to see bottlenose dolphins all year round, but your prospects are best in the summer when there’s plenty of mackerel in the waters to be eaten. And New Quay is pretty much dolphin central, where there’s a good chance you’ll spot them from the harbour wall.


Evening meal suggestion: Fish and chips from The Lime Crab
Located right next to the harbour.


Vegan evening meal suggestion: The Blue Bell Bistro

Overlooking the harbour. A few vegan and vegetarian options on the menu.

*Please keep your receipts for your evening meal and we will reimburse you.

2. Day #2
Day 2, Monday 13th

Check-out: 11:00


Llangrannog and Cilborth beaches

Address and parking: Llangrannog Park and Ride Free Car Park, Min-Y-Nant, Llandysul SA44 6RL
(there is a regular shuttle bus that is run by volunteers that you may be able to hop on, but it’s only a short walk into the village otherwise)

Info: Just north of Llangrannog beach is the secluded cove of Cilborth, accessed either from Llangrannog beach at low tide or via the cliff steps from the Coast Path. Between the two beaches is a large tooth-shaped rock known as Carreg Bica. Legend has it that it once belonged in the mouth of a local giant. Here would be a lovely place to take a dip in the sea.

Lunch suggestion: The Beach Hut Café, Llangrannog
Situated on the beach front, a little further around from the Ship Inn Pub.


Visit Cemaes Head and try and spot a seal

Address and parking: Allt y Coed Farm Campsite, Poppit, Cardigan SA43 3LP

Parking info: Follow the road past Poppit Sands car park as far as it will go. Go through the gate at the end to Allt y Coed Farm where parking costs £1.50.

2.5 mile circular walking route: Once you’ve parked, follow the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path signs through the farmyard. Behind you should be views of Poppit Sands and the Teifi and look across the estuary to see Cardigan Island and spot the distinctive peak of Mwnt.

Info: Cemaes Head, in North Pembrokeshire, is the highest sea-cliff in Wales and an important breeding site, where many pups are born. The inaccessible pebbly beach below is the spot for the largest Atlantic grey ‘haul-out’ in Pembrokeshire, when up to 200 seals and pups can be ashore at any one time.

For extra info: Autumn is the best time of year to spot one of Pembrokeshire’s best-loved mammals, the Atlantic grey seal. Not only is this the time of year the females come ashore to give birth, but there’s a very good chance you’ll get to see their cuter, furrier white pups too. Pups generally arrive between late August and November, starting life with a silky-soft white fur. Within the first month, a pup will triple its birthweight thanks to mum’s fat-rich milk. It then sheds its white baby fur, which is replaced with a thicker, darker, waterproof adult coat. The pup is then ready to hit the waves and learn to catch fish for itself.


Drive to Twr y Felin, St Davids


Overnight @ Twr Y Felin (bed and breakfast provided for two nights)

Address: Twr Y Felin, Ffordd Caerfai, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6QT

Info: There is free car parking on site

Check-in: 16:00

Check-out: 11:00

Evening meal: 18:15 at Blas Restaurant, Twr Y Felin
Please enjoy a three-course meal and alcohol with your food if you’d like it. Your bill will be settled by us.

3. Day #3
Day 3, Tuesday 14th


Drive to Marloes Sands and take half mile cliff walk down the beach - approx. 50 minutes drive

Address and parking: follow [SA62 3BH] to get you there – National Trust car park, you will need change or pay by phone.

Info: You’ll be greeted by 1.5km of uncrowded sweeping sand, dotted with sandstone towers standing in low-tide pools shimmering with tiny fish and shrimps, plus views of Skokholm and Gateholm islands. The flat sand is perfect for beach games and the crystal-clear water makes good surfing (but watch out for rips). All the amusement here is provided courtesy of Mother Nature – not by any arcades.


Visit St David’s Cathedral

Address and parking: follow [SA62 6RD] to get you there – there is a free car park just past The Bishop pub as you’re passing it on your left, straight ahead of you in the carpark you will see the cathedral

Opening times: 10am – 3pm


Info: The westernmost peninsula of Pembrokeshire is dominated by the city and cathedral of St Davids. Resting place of Saint David, or ‘Dewi Sant’ in Welsh, patron saint of Wales, the cathedral has stood as a place of holiness and pilgrimage for over 800 years. In medieval times, it was said that two pilgrimages to St Davids were equal to one to Rome.

The present cathedral is built on the site of the 6th-century monastery Saint David founded to teach missionaries to spread Christianity. As Saint David’s reputation spread, his monastery grew and a community developed. Unfortunately it also drew the attention of the Vikings, who plundered it many times over the next few centuries. The Normans eventually took over the monastery and began building the current cathedral in 1181. Having survived the collapse of its tower, an earthquake and the Reformation, the cathedral continues to enthral and inspire its visitors, even after 800 years.


Lunch suggestion: St David’s Food & Wine Deli for homemade baguettes (with vegan options)
Situated on St David’s High Street
Instagram: @stdavidsfoodandwine


Ice cream suggestion: The Bench Ice Cream Parlour

Situated on St David’s High Street, they have a range of locally made ice creams and sorbets – with vegan options too.

Instagram: @the_bench_stdavids


*Please keep your receipts and we will reimburse you.

Overnight @
Twr Y Felin (bed and breakfast provided for two nights)

Address: Twr Y Felin, Ffordd Caerfai, St Davids, Haverfordwest SA62 6QT

Info: There is free car parking on site

Check-in: 16:00

Check-out: 11:00

Evening meal: Grain – for handmade pizzas and craft beer (available with vegan cheese)
Grain don’t take bookings, but if you fancy pizza, you can turn up and take a seat.

Situated on St David’s High Street
Instagram: @grainstdavids

*Please keep your receipts for your evening meal and we will reimburse you.

ALT. Evening meal: 18:15 at Blas Restaurant, Twr Y Felin
Please enjoy a three-course meal and alcohol with your food if you’d like it. Your bill will be settled by us.

4. Day #4
Day 4, Wednesday 15th

Check-out: 11:00


Visit Pendine Sands

Address and parking: Pendine Car Park, Marsh Road, SA33 4PF
(paid parking, you might need change)

This 11km-long stretch of beach is celebrated for its history of land speed records. Malcolm Campbell set the world land speed record here in Blue Bird in 1924. His grandson, Don Wales’, set the electric land speed course record in 2000. And in May 2019, a Porsche 911 set a new course record of 338.50km/h. The areas you can drive on are limited now, but whether you’re a petrolhead or not, Pendine Sands will hold a special place in your heart.

Thrill-seekers will find plenty of other adventures here that’ll raise pulses including land yachting, sea kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding or if you like your horsepower more literal, feel the wind in your hair on an invigorating horse ride along the surf line.


Lunch suggestion: Arthur’s Cafe
Grist Square, 6 The Grist, Laugharne, Carmarthen SA33 4SS. Use below parking info.

Visit the
Dylan Thomas Boathouse

Parking: There is no vehicular parking at the boathouse and customers will need to park at the FREE car park in Laugharne town, a 10 minute walk from the boathouse: The Strand, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire SA33 4SS

Address for the Boathouse: Dylan's Walk, Laugharne, Camarthenshire, SA33 4SD


It’s almost impossible to mention the town of Laugharne without mentioning ‘Dylan Thomas’ in the next breath. He is synonymous with the place – he lived here, loved here, drank in many of its pubs and is buried in the graveyard of St Martin’s Church. And no visit to Laugharne is complete without a pilgrimage to The Boathouse, where Dylan lived with his wife and family in the last years of his life. On your way to it, you’ll pass the writing shed overlooking the Taf Estuary, where Thomas wrote his famous radio drama, ‘Under Milk Wood’.


Important note: If you would like to visit inside the Boathouse, this will need to be booked in advance. If you don’t feel the need to go inside, you can walk the coastal path by the boathouse and be rewarded with views across the estuary.


Additional walk:

Dylan Thomas penned Poem in October on his thirtieth birthday, and the work traces his own walk from his house around the beautiful part of Wales he had come to love: ‘My birthday began with the water’, he wrote. Take the two-mile Dylan Thomas Birthday Walk yourself and explore Laugharne’s rich history, while appreciating views over the estuary, Boathouse, the Gower Peninsula, north Devon, Caldey Island and Tenby.


Overnight @ Brown’s (bed and breakfast provided)

Address: King St, Laugharne, Carmarthen SA33 4RY

Info: There is free car parking on site

Check-in: 14:00

Check-out: 11:00

Evening meal: TIME TBC
Dexters at Brown’s
(the restaurant is a steakhouse but is one of the best restaurants in Carmarthenshire, and have offered to send through a separate vegan menu which they are able to provide)
Please enjoy a three-course meal and alcohol with your food if you’d like it. Your bill will be settled by us.

5. Day #5
Day 5, Thursday 16th

Check-out: 11:00

Drive home

*For any problems or queries, please call Esme on 07835713273 at any time

Please keep receipts for evening meals each night (where not already paid for by us)
, parking (where possible), petrol receipts and a note of total mileage and you will be reimbursed.